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Restoration Pros USA is a water damage restoration company that was developed to offer solutions to both commercial and residential buildings that have been affected by water. No matter what kind of water damage is at hand, Restoration Pros USA always provides quality service to our customers. We work with trained professional to guarantee the best quality of work to our customers and to ensure the safety of our customers. When treated in an unprofessional manner water damage can worsen, and, at times, pose serious threats such as when electrical cables are involved.  Restoration Pros USA prioritizes its customers and will do everything to ensure the customer is 100% satisfied.

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Our Mission

We aim to be a national market leader in the provision of restoration services delivering reliable, quality restoration solutions.

Our Vision

Our primary goal is making restoration services to everyone. The experience we get every day we use for increasing our customers’ satisfaction.

Why Restoration Pros USA

At Restoration Pros USA, we provide optimal results and guarantee quality service for any type of water damage.  Restoration Pros USA offers quality water and mold damage restoration so that your home or commercial structure can go back to its pre-damage state in the shortest time possible. In our restoration process, we use the newest drying and extraction technology, allowing us to take care of the damage effectively and quickly. Unlike the traditional methods of water damage restoration and cleanup process used by our competitors, we engage in the newest and most reliable methods so you do not have to worry about delays or misshapes in the process. Our high-tech techniques and tools also allow us to quickly remove excess moisture which often leads to further issues such as mold growth. Restoration Pros USA makes it our number one priority to offer customers expert drying, sanitization, and restoration of the water-damaged areas. In addition, our procedure is much less disruptive and will allow you to go back to your normal life faster than you can imagine!

Restoration Pros offers reliable water damage restoration services all throughout the USA. Our company works very closely with insurance companies to ensure they have all the information they need regarding the water damage and restoration process so that you can receive the compensation you deserve from your insurance company.  We ensure there is constant communication between you and your insurance company so that all those involved are fully aware of the size of the damage and of the exact steps needed to restore the property. We also collaborate with property managers and home service providers across the USA to make sure our customer receives any help they might need.

At Restoration Pros USA, we understand water damage is a huge inconvenience and causes major disruptions in your life. This is why we operate 24/7- Our lines are open to any water damage emergencies whenever you need us. We arrive at the scene as soon as possible to minimize further damage and enable you to return to your life as quickly as possible. With us on the case, you can be sure the situation, no matter how big or small, is being handled quickly and effectively. Restoration Pros USA is trained for any level of water damage be it flooding, minor water leakage from pipes or toilets, or severe mold damage.

Most importantly we react to any case with the same level of urgency so even if you are dealing with a minor pipe leakage you can rest assured, we will treat it with the same seriousness as any other case.

We Are Fully Certified Water Damage Pros

Before you begin the water damage restoration or clean-up process, you should ask if your restoration company is certified to carry out the work. There are many people out there working without any formal training and certification, which is both unsafe and reckless. Restoration Pros USA is certified by the world-wide governing body of cleaning and restoration services, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). We ensure that every one of our restoration projects adheres to these strict guidelines standards as issued by the IICRC and other restoration.

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Professional Assessments

Restoration Pros USA understands that when a customer suffers water damage, they might be too overwhelmed to process the seriousness of the situation, which is why our professional team carries out a thorough assessment of the affected areas and explains the severity of the situation to the property owner. We also explain the whole restoration process to you and any adjustments requested are quickly done. We offer several options for the drying process and allow our customers to choose whichever option they prefer using the expert advice of our professionals. Before any action is taken the drying and cleaning procedures will be thoroughly explained to you by our professionals. This ensures you do not have any worries or questions about the processes being done on your property. We are a number 1 restoration company, so you can trust us to take good care of your home and be there for every step of the way. As a number one restoration company, we also pride ourselves on thorough processes to avoid any further damage.

Our Service Equipment

The restorative process requires the use of certified and well-managed equipment. Restoration Pros USA uses top notch equipment and tailors the equipment use to your specific situation. Our professional team analyzes the damage in the area and engages in a decision-making process to determine what is best for the particular area. The presence of mold in the water-damaged area will require a more detailed process and the use of additional equipment.

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