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Restoration Pros USA has analyzed the causes of water damage in Washington DC and discovered that sink overflow, toilet overflow, broken and leaking pipes, bathtub overflows, overflows from domestic machines such as refrigerator, water heater, sump pump, air conditioner as well as floods from natural disasters are the main causes of water damage. As soon as you notice any water damage in your commercial or residential buildings you must take quick action to prevent further damage. At Restoration Pros we can handle all kinds of water damage and help prevent the growth of mold in your buildings.

Shutting off all water sources is the first step in preventing any further flooding or damage in the building. Before the restoration process has commenced, our experts encourage that you also shut off all electrical breakers to ensure the safety of the residents.

Restoration Pros in DC are qualified to handle any water that has affected your buildings and structures. Our professionals are capable of handling all water damage situations from small leaks to sever floods, and no matter the size of the damage we provide all our customers with quality service. Our company knows what they need to do and quick action is taken in the restoration process to prevent future damage. Through the use of authorized and licensed equipment our team takes care of the damage as quickly as possible to allow our clients to return to their lives.  

When handling water damage, we thoroughly check every single room and the entire exterior of the structure to ensure any damage and excessive moisture has been taken care of. We will also check for any mold development as it is common for mold to develop as a result of water damage.  A thorough cleanup is guaranteed by Restoration Pros USA and our DC team is available 24/7 for any emergency water removal services.  Call Restoration Pros as soon as you notice any water damage to prevent the possibility of greater damage and/or mold growth.

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